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Note: All rights and intellectual properties of BurnIn64 have been sold to an Independet Hardware Vendor(IHV). Thus, its sale through 7Byte Computers is discontinued. We continue to support the customers who have purchased BurnIn64, however. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact us at info@7byte.com for any concerns you have.


Hot CPU Tester
BurnIn64 1.3

Burnin64 is a burn-in tool designed for AMD64 architecture to test the major components of computer under Windows For 64-bit Extended Systems(x86-64 platform) environment. It is specifically designed to test CPU(s), Motherboard, Memory and Hard drive(s) with the new features of x86-64 architecture in mind.

Note: This program is designed to run only under Windows 64-bit Extended System on AMD64 / Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology platform(AMD® Ahtlon™ 64, AMD® Opteron™, and Intel® Pentirum 4 with EM64T processors). It will not work under 32bit version of Windows even if you have a compatible processor.

  • Fully supports x64 computing platform(AMD Athlon™ 64, AMD Opteron™, and Intel® Pentium 4 with EM64T processors up to 8-way)
  • Tests over 64GB of memory
  • Exercises all new registers(R8-R15) available on AMD64 as well as the legacy registers(AX,BX,)
  • Exercises SSE2 registers with regards to Floating-Points calculations
  • Exercises L1 & L2 caches
  • Exercises Integrated DDR Memory Controller and Memory Bus
  • Exercises Hard Drive(s) as well Windows NTFS file system stability and its communication with the rest of system
  • Logs all errors using Windows Logging Service
  • Reports detailed info of errors occurred including debug dumps
  • Built in Anti-Crash & Exception Handler

How it works:
BurnIn 64 consists of several test modules to stress-test each component within a system. Defective parts are most likely for to fail while they are under a heavy load, when the heat production is at its highest. The testing modules intentionally stress all components to their maximum limits to assess their integrity. Unstable parts cannot endure these pressures and will fail the tests, allowing the opportunity for an upgrade or exchange before the PC is released into a production environment.

BurnIn 64 version changes history:

Version 1.3
• Initial Public Release