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Options : Modules
Options : Test Modules
  1. Diganostic Duration: Number of hours to test the system. Enter '0' for infinity. Test can be stopped manually at any moment by pressing the stop button in diagnostic mode.
  2. Diagnostic Method: There are two diagnostic method available for testing system:
    1. Simultaneous: In Simultaneous mode, all modules are ran together simultaneously in separate threads. All previous versions of Hot CPU Tester use this method for testing.
    2. Sequential(Queued): In Sequential mode, modules are ran sequentially in separate threads. All threads are created in suspended mode in a queue. Then, Hot CPU Tester activates the first thread(module) in the queue. After it is finished, Hot CPU Tester activates the next thread in the queue, and repeat this process until it reaches the end of queue and start the process all over again. This is the preferred way to test the system.
  3. Error Handling: Error Handling tells Hot CPU Tester how to react when an error occurs. There are two modes:
    • Ignore and Continue: In this mode Hot CPU Tester continues testing even after an error occurs until it is stopped manually or reaches its timer.
    • Abort the test: Aborts the test if an error occurs while testing.
  • Enable Hyper-Threading: This options is available only on Hyper-Thread enabled CPUs. Normally, Hot CPU Tester would only run one set of modules for each physical CPU. When this option is enabled Hot CPU tester run one set of modules for each logical CPU. For instance: In a signle processor Hyper-Threaded CPU, if this option is disabled Hot CPU Tester would only run one set of test on the CPU(Windows automatically ballances thread loads on logical CPUs). When this option is enabled Hot CPU Tester runs two set of tests for each logical CPU.
  1. Processors: To select which CPUs to test. Hot CPU Tester would run a set of modules on each physical CPU selected if “Enable Hyper-Threading” is unchecked. Otherwise, It would run a set of modules on each logical CPU.